Stephen Mellersh


With over twenty five years at the top of his chosen field, Steve began his real estate career in 1985 and has been recognised by his peers as being a consistent leader and mentor in the industry ever since.

Combining his genuine passion for property with peerless negotiation skills and a firm commitment to customer service, he leaves no stone unturned in his pursuit of outstanding results for his clients.

Steve has built an extraordinary career resulting in a string of outstanding achievements, record prices, a phenomenal auction clearance rate and numerous awards for sales, auction and marketing excellence.

Naturally friendly with a warm personable nature, his fresh, innovative ideas and enormous motivation for success are a reflection of what he does best - helping people in their search for a new home. In fact it is highly likely that either you or someone you know has sold or purchased their home through Steve.

Giving his time to all who seek help, Steve’s fierce determination and quick mind see him continually achieving feats that others less tenacious wouldn’t even dream of conquering. With his strong local knowledge, unique sense of pride, reputation for honesty and integrity, attention to detail and a reputation for getting remarkable results, Steve has a proven record of being dedicated too and respected by his clients.

With a wealth of experience including both residential and commercial property, property management, development, land subdivision and project marketing, Steve enjoys a distinct advantage in the marketplace, putting him in the unique position of being a valuable source of assistance to help and provide frank, transparent advice to his clients in all aspects of real estate.

Steve and his wife Cate have three young children and live in the local area, giving him an in depth knowledge and understanding of the local real estate market.

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